Time’s Fool Company is looking for partners and community sponsors!

Time’s Fool Company is looking for partners and community sponsors!

Accessible art builds strong, resilient, and desirable communities.Time’s Fool Company is a 501(c)3, non-profit, professional theatre company in the heart of Old Wethersfield.

Time’s Fool signature event is their annual summer Shakespeare production and its free-for-all. That means families can gather and experience live theatre by paid professionals, and cost is not an obstacle.

This summer Time’s Fool Company is producing A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare August 7th – 17th. Save the Date!

As a non-profit, that means Time’s Fool Company serve the public well and to achieve their goals they are going to need your help.

Click here to donate and help make your community a better place!

Click here for sponsorship opportunities.

See Time’s Fool Company Summer Brochure 2024.

Time’s Fool Art & Theater Fast Facts.

By sponsoring Time’s Fool Company you not only get a tax deduction for your business or
personal use, but you get to share your values with the community – everyone who sees our
posters and attends our shows will know that you believe that families matter, that young
people matter (almost 25% of our audience is youth), that economic development matters
(data shows that for every dollar we spend making art 1.6 dollars is spent in the community),
and that community health matters. (Science is clear that attending live theatre lowers your risk for heart disease, dementia, and depression.)

Each year Time’s Fool Company bring almost 1,000 people over one week to Old Wethersfield. This year they are running two weeks. That means 1500-2000 people will be experiencing the best that Wethersfield has to offer. Let those 2000 people know that you value them, their health, and the economic well-being of our community.

For more information, please email Mandy at info@timesfool.org or visit www.timesfool.org.

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