WHS Virtual Summer Program 2020: Intro to Black History in Wethersfield

The Wethersfield Historical Society is proud to kick off the first in a series of their Virtual Summer Program 2020 with an Intro to Black History in Wethersfield.

Museum Educator Gillie Johnson introduces a performance by actor Charles Floyd as Quash Gomer, an 18th century African American resident of Wethersfield. Floyd’s performance was given as part of an indoor preview of last October’s (2019) Lantern Light Tours. In addition to the video, the page contains curated links to additional material to “learn more” about the covered subject. Be sure and come back each week for a new video covering another facet of Wethersfield’s rich (and long) history.

Available on WHS website: https://www.wethersfieldhistory.org/whs-virtual-summer-program-2020-intro-to-black-history-in-wethersfield/

Categories: History & Tours