Wethersfield Social Justice Coalition

The Social Justice Steering Committee invites you to a series of online, interactive discussions about the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) and topics related to equality diversity, race and cultural responsiveness. The first meeting is an informational meeting. Those who with to join the SJC will be asked to attend all the workshops listed along with the commitment of attending at least one meeting each month and the obligation of being an active and long term member of the SJC.

In order to create significant and sustainable change, it is important that the SJC has a collective commitment to learning, sharing perspectives, and working collaboratively to bring forward meaningful change to Wethersfield.

Membership in the Social Justice Coalition is open to Wethersfield residents (including students) and business representatives.

See link below for workshops, meeting dates, and more!

Wethersfield Coalition for Social Justice Community Sept 2020

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