Street Light Fixture Feedback

The Town will be replacing all existing street light fixtures with new LED lights and fixtures later this year. Three different models are being considered, and the Town would like to solicit feedback as to which type residents prefer.

Each street listed below has one type of new light currently installed on two poles near the midpoint of the street between Wolcott Hill and Silas Deane Highway.

Nott Street on Poles #477 & 478 (AEL brand fixture)
Hillcrest Avenue on Poles #1044 & 1046 (Philips brand fixture)
Church Street on Poles # 409 & 411 (Cooper brand fixture)

The color temperature is the same for all the fixtures (3,000K).

Residents can provide feedback by contacting Rebecca Switaj of the Engineering Division at 860-721-2850 or by email at from July 9 th to July 29, 2018. Please provide your name and address and indicate preference by using the street name or company name from the options listed above.

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